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About David Pierce Hallahan

I worked for more than two decades securing top company officer roles on behalf of senior executives, both men and women, around the world. I would observe ambitious women excelling in their professional life though as the years passed by they would  frequently confide in me and share about their on-going struggles in relationships with men, whilst seeking my help and advice.


Patterns then started to form for me as I went through an awakening in 2013 that changed my life. Being too on the receiving end as a man with more career oriented women in my life, and having lived through divorce, multiple relationships not working out, I became fanatic to understand what was really happening and started to challenge everything I thought about who I am and how it would be possible to create an entirely new relationship reality.

This became a journey of self-realization, going within to seek answers, working with coaches in all aspects of my life, reading 100's of books and joining masterminds. This path led me to releasing myself from the past, eliminating disempowering meanings that did not serve, and reprogramming my unconscious self, as I stepped away from invalid, automated beliefs which were at the very core of my being.

From that moment onwards a continuous personal learning has ensued which has naturally become my mission:
To empower women to attract & keep their ideal masculine man, a more conscious man, through the art & science of relationship creation.

Everything I teach is aligned with everything I have lived and continue to today: I’m still learning, evolving & shifting myself as a man who - importantly - is on the receiving end of everything you transmit, do and are "being" as a woman.

If you choose to you live by the correct principles, it can deliver you more than you could ever imagine. Our goal is to collectively help every woman on Earth to master their relationship and reality with men. And it all starts with you.


Become the woman you must become in order to live the life you want to live and to experience a whole new reality with men.


We're inspiring women the world over to play at a different level. Most women have not truly understood or mastered what it takes to attract and keep their committed masculine man and to exist in a loving, truly passionate, intimate relationship with that man, on a sustainable basis. I have filled this gap and with the utmost precision and detail.


It's through mastery of the deeper principles at play, turned into a process, with nuanced guidance from myself and my team and where your results are the only thing that matter.


How do I know it works? I'm a man and it works on me. It works too for my female mentees and clients around the world. This is advice about men, from a man. Because nobody is better at decoding men than a man. I've been one my whole life! You're able to literally download the mind of a conscious masculine man.


Take your first step towards attracting more conscious men, great men and compress decades into weeks.

Join me on our mission here at to help every woman on Earth, by taking this first crucial step yourself. 




David Pierce Hallahan is an Irish Entrepreneur, founder of, owner of Team Capital and Director at The Alexander Group, ranked among America’s best search firms by Forbes magazine. He has acted as advisor to business leaders around the world on leadership for more than 20 years, mentored with some of the world’s best and is the mastermind behind life transforming changes for literally hundreds of top business leaders and “get ahead” individuals. David Pierce is not simply a mentor or trusted advisor - he has developed a mastery at helping women around the world achieve significant breakthroughs in their life. He is a recognised authority and master tactician in the psychology of leadership, change and negotiation. - Relationships. Redefined.

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